South Slavonic Apocryphal Collections

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Страници: 328
Корица: Мека
Език: Български

Код: 9786197372120 Категория:
Автор: Anissava Miltenova
Издател: Изток-Запад
Номер: 17449


This book represents a study of the textology, typology, sources and literary peculiarities of the so-called ’miscellanies of mixed content` in the South Slavonic tradition (from the end of 13th – the beginning of 18th c.) – less known or unknown in the Humanities. The problem is closely related to the apocryphal collections in the Balkan Cyrillic manuscripts, as the Apocrypha are a significant part of this type of manuscripts.

The scope of the study is to popularize the series and texts that fill the gap in the translation and perception of the Slavonic Apocrypha. New information is presented over the sources of translations, as well as the compilation approach of Slavonic writers, which reproduces a new version of the texts. The copies of the Slavonic texts are published in the supplement.

The typology of manuscripts is supported by plectograms produced in the Repertory of Old Bulgarian Literature and Letters (


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