Introducing Management: A Practical Guide

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Страници: 192
Корица: Мека
Език: Английски

Код: 9781848314016 Категория: Етикет:
Автор: Alison Price
Издател: Icon Books
Номер: 17345


Introducing Management: A Practical Guide by Alison Price & David Price is packed full of straightforward, realistic advice that can bring immediate results and show you how to be a good or better manager.

This practical guide to management uses expert insights, real-life case studies and straightforward but powerful techniques that will help you to improve your management capability. It’s full of practical exercises and activities so you can become a better manager straight away.

Introducing Management: A Practical Guide will help both aspiring managers and experienced managers to best understand your own behavior and how to get the best out of others, empower your employees and focus on your real management duties, manage poor performers and create an effective team, and motivate your team so that they want to go the extra mile.


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